who's Lanaire?

Born in N.Y.C. but raised in the Carolinas, I'm a southern belle with the heart of a city girl. As a former television Producer and current Human Resource professional, my ambitious, driven and outspoken life is only in first gear.

I'm currently in full swing of wedding planning. I must admit that my Pinterest board was fun while dreaming but it's not proving to be effective for decision making, just saying. Dually I'm figuring out how to mentally switch "Me" to "We" -  listen, it ain't easy and I'm learning how much of a project I really am!!! I'm determined not to allow this engagement season to fly by without enjoying it, or at least giving it my best shot. So I've decided to vlog about some of my journey.

Hurdles In Heels, well that's my baby. As a former collegiate athlete, a hurdler to be exact, there's not one race I competed in that I did not practice for. So I've taken that same concept to help equip high school and middle school girls to overcome their life hurdles. I want to develop a training ground for girls to be mentored and learn how to overcome their hurdles of body image, self esteem, relationships etc.

Wedding planning, re-building an organization and attempting to live my best life - I want to invite you into my organized chaos. 


Press & Mentions

WCCB Interview, Hurdles In Heels